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water melon in a planter

image7.png (916×768)

Water melon plant grown from seed

I planted water melon seeds brought over from India, raised about 6 saplings, kept two for myself and gave off the rest to two of my friends to grow in their gardens.

I planted one of the saplings in a planter which grew vigorously (see photo above). About 10 days ago a fruit appeared. I immediately moved the planter to a better spot, drove stakes around the planter and supported the fruit with a plastic sheet shaped like a hammock.


Support for water melon – a crude hammock

I’m hoping that this support will hold up the water melon so that it grows to full size. See photo below for present size.


Water melon in planter today

I presume that this fruit is taking up most of the nutrition produced by the plant because no other fruit has developed in the same planter in spite of several flowers that have bloomed.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that no birds get at the fruit before it ripens.


Morning glory

In the meanwhile, the first Morning Glory this year has bloomed on my fence. You can catch the full bloom of this flower only before the sun is up. As it gets warmer, the flower closes up and is gone!


Another variety of the Rose of Sharon

The second variety of the Rose of Sharon has finally appeared. The first one, which I had included  in an earlier post, is shown below.


First variety of Rose of Sharon


White flower of eggplant (brinjal)

I am also growing the green variety of eggplant. I was surprised to find white flowers – so I snapped the photo above for reference. The color of the usual eggplant flower is purple.


Mini tomatoes – growing tall and spreading out

The growth of mini tomatoes has been spectacular this year. I think I succeeded in controlling the growth during various stages. During the early stages, I snipped off the new branches emanating from between the main stem and a branch, and planted them as cuttings to propagate tomato plants. As a result, the  main plants grew tall and stout quickly, yielding plenty of tomatoes. When the height reached around 1.7 m, I snipped off the main stem and allowed the branches to grow sideways and spread out on the nets. This seems to be a good method to follow.

At the moment, I have mini tomato plants (4) in the ground supported by nets, and about three planters with tomato plants that I  propagated. So the harvest of mini tomatoes this year has been wonderful.

image image

Daily harvests

Finally, here is a photo of a fresh bunch of gladiolus that bloomed last week.



With that, I wish you a nice day where ever you are on the globe; happy gardening!


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