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Back to my home garden in Japan

I’m back after a prolonged stay in India – and its wonderful to be back in Japan in time for the growing season! I have started growing veggies again after a gap of about three years. Let me get cracking with the photos and show you all that I have done to my garden. Here are some smiling daffodils that bloomed in my garden after I landed in Japan.

Daphne Adora

Daffodils (suisen in Japanese)

The lovely smelling, pinkish white Daphne Odora (Jinchoge in Japanese) were abloom at four different locations around my house. I had propagated these plants about five years ago from cuttings, and I’m glad I did so. The smell is just heavenly and I felt rejuvenated by looking and smelling them.


Daphne Odora (Jinchoge)

Let me step out of my garden for a moment and show you the wonderful cherry blossoms that bloom all over the city around April end. Here are two photos of the flowers at a small park near my house.

Cherry blossom trees Closeup

Cherry blossoms – they arrive, light up the place and disappear within a week!

Planting vegetable saplings

I started off preparing the soil first. Dug up the ground to a depth of 30 cm, removed stones and other debris, mixed the soil up nicely with compost and organic fertilizer, watered the soil and allowed it to bask in the sunlight for a week. It was still cold when I planted the saplings, so I stretched out black plastic sheet to retain the heat and protect the roots, and which also prevents weed growth. The photos below speak for themselves.

CIMG0590 CIMG0591 CIMG0592

Left: Soil prepared and ready Middle: Plastic sheet stretched, holes made; Right: Saplings in place; 4 eggplants (brinjal), 4 cucumbers, 4 mini tomatoes and 4 bell peppers.

Since planting three weeks ago, I am happy to report that all the plants are doing very well. See the photos below.


4 tomato plants – small yellow flowers already at the top; tomatoes have appeared at the lower stems


4 Eggplants (Brinjal) – the first of the vegetable has made its appearance in each of the plants


4 cucumber plants – yellow flowers have appeared and the plants appear to be healthy

Bell pepper

4 Bell Pepper Plants

I found some irises showing their faces today in my garden and promptly snapped them.


Irises abloom today


Another variety of the iris – elegant lady!

My favorite geraniums have blossomed too – within a month these geraniums will be a riot of colors in my garden.

Geranium Geranium

Finally, I will stop at this post leaving you to admire the sweet-smelling marvelous Wisteria that hangs like purple jewels from the branches!


Next post – fruit trees and other flowering plants in my garden.

Have a great day!


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