Home garden in Japan

I am back in Japan after about three months in Bangalore, India. Although my office garden has been relinquished, my home garden, I’m happy to say is doing great! There were plenty of weeds all over the place and unwanted plants at odd places; after a few days of hectic weeding, I got the garden in fairly good shape. Here are overall views:

Click to enlarge

Overall view of one part of garden

Gladiolus at left corner in full bloom with pink and red flowers. The Day lilies near the fence at the left upper corner contributed to the fragrance. Except for the pink abutilon tree, which died due to mysterious circumstances, all other plants were intact. Click to enlarge and see the different names of plants and flowers.‘



Another part of my home garden with a few vegetables

Here, I have some Myoga plants, a couple of tomato plants and a couple of eggplants, three green pepper plants and on the net, I have bitter gourd, morning glory that came up from last year’s dropped seeds, two Dahlia Imperialis plants hidden behind the Myoga plants and a few balloon vines climbing up the net against the window. I also expect the Dahlia Imperialis to grow to 2-m height in August and bloom unreservedly.


Another view of my garden plants

I call the plot in the foreground my “hosta” plot. There are three varieties of hosta with evergreen leaves that bloom with fragrant flowers in late summer. I also expect the Winter Daphne to bloom next February with fragrant white and pink flowers. The toad lily has multiplied – I should take off some of them – otherwise it will spread over the entire plot. Behind the hosta plot is another small plot that I originally used only for herbs. Currently, I have oregano, soapwort (pink flowers), Chamomille and Pink Monarda. White Monarda has just started blooming as I write this post.  The day lilies on the fence gave off a nice smell. The Hydrangea flowers with white and blue are at the back, behind the persimmon tree. The persimmon tree has yielded delicious fruits every year since the last 8-10 years.


View of the center of the garden

A collection of various flowering plants. This year’s attraction for me was the white Hydrangea grown in a pot at the right top corner and the Senecia Cineraria with white ice-colored leaves that stands out. I also have a fig tree growing in a large pot. I’m hoping to increase the pot size and replant it. The rose plants in pots see to have bloomed while I was in India. I wish somebody had sent me photos of my garden while I was away!


Now here are the individual photos of flowers:


Day lily at the fence


Pink day lily in a flower pot


Another view of the day lilies


Pink gladiolus


Reddish gladiolus – blooms every year this time


Another view of gladiolus


The splendorous Rose of Sharon


Hydrangea in all its glory


Closeup of the flower – symmetry in nature

Another closeup of the hydrangea

At the time of this writing, white Monarda and a different variety of Rose of Sharon were blooming in my home garden. I hope to publish photos of these flowers in my next post. Until then, have a great day from sunny Japan!

4 Responses to “Home garden in Japan”

  1. July 8, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Your flowers are beautiful! Are the raised beds over earth or is the extent of the soil contained within the beds? I have been thinking of doing something similar with my patio (which is all concrete).

    • July 8, 2012 at 5:39 pm

      Thanks for stopping by. The partially raised beds are over earth – I have dug about 30 cm below the surface to loosen up the soil before planting. If you are planning on raised beds over concrete, I expect you would need a depth of at least 30 cm for growing plants. I had raised beds in my office garden, which I surrendered about 3 months ago. If you see archives before Jan. 2012, you should see the raised beds. All the best with your gardening plans.

  2. July 19, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    You have beautiful lilies!

    Satu from Finland

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