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Home garden blooms

Since this year, I have tried to grow only flowers and fruits in my home garden and moved the veggies to my office garden.  A small plot with salad leaves and leftovers from the office garden still remains. But first, let’s go to the blooms.



These geraniums are the permanent feature of my garden. They take care of themselves – no water, minimal care (like removing deadheads), and they bloom profusely year after year.


Next, here are the irises. Thanks to my good friend, Utiyama-san, who gave me some irises last year; they have responded splendidly!

006 007


I’m planning to add some different colors this year – so next year promises to be exciting!

This May has been the month of the rose for me. Last year, my daughter received a bouquet of roses. We placed it in a flower vase with water for a few days and before throwing them away, I decided to take cuttings of the roses. The result: 4 rose plants (two on my balcony and two in the ground).

014 015

Rose – balcony

016 017

Rose – balcony

Here are some snaps of the rose plants on the ground:

019 021

Rose – ground


Transplanted the Yesterday, today and tomorrow plant from pot to ground, and I’m happy with the splendid fragrance of the plant. Every morning, I sit for a while with a cup of tea in front of this plant enjoying the sweet fragrance while feasting my eyes on the roses. Here it is:


Yesterday, today and tomorrow

I have to take cuttings of this plant and propagate them next year!




A new addition to my home garden this year is the orange tree. I stuck in a thick stake adjacent to it for support. The fruit trees in my home garden are now four – persimmon, peach, fig and orange. Of these, only the persimmon in its eight year has been yielding fruit. The rest are 1-2 years old.


Orange tree











My small herb garden is doing well too. The oregano is trying to take over the entire plot; I need to trim it to a reasonable size.

Camomille and Torch Lily are the two additions to my herb garden, thanks to Utiyama-san again.

Next month is the ideal time for propagating plants in my region – so I plan to propagate quite a few flowers this time including some fragrant roses!


Until the next post, Happy Gardening”






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