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Back after a hiatus

I’m back to my beloved gardens after a hiatus of more than six months. Various events have transpired during this period; I had been away on assignments to India for more than three months. I feel splendid and am raring to go with various veggies, flowers and fruits this spring!

Here is the first of my plots in my office garden:

Office Plot 1

First plot – potatoes, eda mame and corn

I planted the first row of potatoes end March. I decided to go with Eda mame for the next two rows. Incidentally, I got into the gardening hobby thanks to the Eda Mame. My first plant was Eda Mame about 20 years ago. The taste of the Eda Mame was outstanding – nothing like the inspid ones I find at the local convenience store. I got hooked into growing my own vegetables, thanks to Eda mame.

I also decided to try some corn this year. Planted six saplings in the last row between the Marigold and Nira flowers. I’m worried about the strong winds in spring. I have erected stakes and tied the saplings to them, hopefully they should be safe.

Here’s a photo of a small plot in my home garden:

Lettuce and onions

Lettuce varieties and onions

The more I pluck some leaves from the base of the lettuce, the more the leaves grow the next day! The lettuce leaves fill my salad plate every morning. The onions too are ready for harvest – they are sweet, watery and delicious!


Tomatoes and onions

Second Plot – Tomatoes and onions

I’m trying out a new idea this time – as the tomatoes grow tall, I’ll divide each plant into two branches and lead them up the poles. I’ll probably erect some horizontal stiffeners to keep them from falling over when the plants grow tall.

The onions had a new life – when small, the top leaves were neatly eaten to the bulb by a wild rabbit in winter. I fenced off the plots and made sure that Bugs Bunny could no longer enter and have a feast. The leaves shot up again and they onions are ready for harvest. Compared to the onions in my home garden (both were planted at the same time), they are slightly smaller, thanks to the darned wabbit.


Meanwhile, here are some flowers that bloomed in February

Daffodil - click to enlarge Jinchoge - click to enlarge
Yamabuki - click to enlarge Nira - click to enlarge

Flowers that bloomed in February – Daffodil, Jinchoge, Yellow Yambuki and Nira

Here is my third plot in my office garden.

Bell pepper, ruccola, norabona - click to enlarge

Plot 3 – Bell pepper, Cucumber, Ruccola, Norabona (+ 1 row yet to be filled)

The Ruccola yield has been wonderful. I keep snipping off the flowers at the top and leaves develop below. The leaves a a rather spicy taste and can be eaten raw. I’m going to collect seeds after the flowers and sow them again next year.

I had a rather curious experience with one of the cucumber saplings, the leaves of which suddenly drooped one day. I decided to explore the roots and dug it out. I found a large fat insect eating away the roots – disposed the insect, and re-planted the sapling. Seems to be back on course! Lesson – every time a sapling looks unhealthy, dig up and check the roots!


Here are some lovely flowers from the garden adjacent to my office garden.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

The flowers in two colors pink and red (top right corner) are from the same tree (Boke – pronounced “Bokay”).

The pink flowers at the bottom left corner are the peach flowers (not the peach tree flowers).


Lastly, here’s the fourth plot in my office garden.

Beans, broccoli, cauliflower - Click to enlarge  Plot 4 – Beans, broccoli and cauliflower (last row yet to be filled)

I covered broccoli (8) and cauliflower (8) saplings as soon as I planted them in the ground with a net so as to prevent insects. Last year I had a tough time getting rid of the green worms; this year I’m ready!


Lastly, I am delighted with my Wisteria flowers (I transplanted two aged Wisteria trees to my office garden) and this year they have bloomed well!

Wisteria - click to enlarge



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