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Winter update and vegetable flowers

  I made a short trip to India and searched in vain for fragrant flower seeds. I managed however, to get a branch of curry leaf — an indispensable part of the South Indian curries, sambar and rasam — to Japan and promptly planted nearly 15 cuttings and placed them all in balconies, windows sills, and all over the house! I’m hoping that at least few will develop roots and overcome the cold winter here.  I snipped the bottom ends of neatly, dipped it in a root energizer called Root One, stuck it in fresh soil, covered it with plastic, made a vent hole in the plastic, and poured water in the dish which can be sucked up by the soil. Keeping my fingers crossed! Here are the photos of the cuttings.


Curry leaf cuttingsCuttings in plastic on a sunlit window


The cauliflowers I planted in autumn last year are doing well and I should be able to harvest them in a couple of weeks. This is the first time, and I’m not sure of the time to harvest them. Any advice from cauliflower experts after view these photos? I’m thinking I should give it another 10 days.

Cauliflower - ready?

 Tunnel exposed to reveal cauliflowers


During this winter, I planted broad beans and green peas in planters, and placed them on the balcony sill. They are doing fine with flowers coming up on both kinds of plants.

Broadbeans in planter

Broadbeans (above) with flowers – maybe another month for harvest?

Green peas in planter

Green peas with flowers – this is the first time I’m growing them. I wonder how tall they grow.

I have collected some photos of flowers that come up on vegetable plants. I love the ones on Okra – beautiful yellow flowers, and the purple flowers of the eggplant.

Here are some:

Okhra flower

The resplendent flower of the Okhra

Broadbean flower

Pink, purple white broad bean flower

Cucumber flower

Small, yellow flowers of the cucumber

Green pepper flower

White with inner blue flower of green pepper

Tomato flowers


Star-shaped yellow flowers of the tomato

Green pea flowers

Greenish-white green pea flowers

Strawberry flower

Pretty white flowers of the strawberry plant


Until the next post, have a great day!


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