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The transition period – Autumn to Winter

I am glad that I didn’t stop planting in my garden this year! I usually clean up the summer vegetables, and wait for spring to come. This year, I planted lettuce, Chinese cabbage, radish, shungiku, cauliflower, spinach (called “Saradana” and used for salads), and some fruit trees too (blueberry, peach and strawberry). First, some photos of the harvest – the one below shows Chinese cabbage to the front, lettuce with radish (small variety) and radish leaves. The leafy vegetables this autumn made for a wonderful breakfast everyday!

Chinese cabbage, radish, lettuce


And here is spinach – thin long stalks with fresh dark green leaves. Makes a nice salad with lettuce and radish.



This time I did discover that my garden hardly gets sunlight in winter! My house is surrounded by others and the sun doesn’t climb up all that high in winter. The upper part of the house – the balconies are bathed with sunshine throughout the day. So I have started planting in containers. I have planted two containers of broad beans and one of green peas, and strawberry too.

I planted seeds of broad beans and moved them to a planter. They seem to be growing well in the balcony upstairs.

Broad beans

Also got hold of a nice variety of herbs and planted them all in one planter – here’s a bird’s eye view:



My herb collection now includes thyme, lemon balm, fennel, rosemary, lavender, soapwort.

The strawberries too are coming out well. I haul the entire planter indoors during the night and put them out in the sun during the day. I’m hoping to harvest them end January, while most people who have grown them outside in the field should expect a harvest only around March next year.

Strawberry flowers


Strawberries just coming up


The Christmas Cactus that I bought last year and raised indoors has bloomed beautifully and lit up the room as well our faces! And here it is with our cat guarding it faithfully!


Christmas cactus


And here is a close up of this lovely flower!

Christmas Cactus closeup


Other flowers in bloom in my garden are geranium (that I re-planted and pruned), sasanqua and chrysanthemum and here they are:

Red geranium

And here is the sasanqua in all its splendor!


Since I featured one of my cats (Ten) here, I can’t leave out my other lest she start complaining. So here’s Karin – our lovable, fine gray cat, who never gets angry even if my son does math with her tail!


Have a great day and happy gardening!


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