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The appearance of bitter gourd and okura – July 19 update

This week’s highlights are a plentiful harvest of green peppers and eggplants (brinjal), and the appearance of the first okura and bitter gourd. First, here’s an overall view of the veggie patch.

Veggie patch - overall view

I’m pleased with the growth of the eggplant and okura – last year, the okura plants were unsuccessful. The neem that I used to ward off pests also seems to have played its part. All plants are generally healthy, with leaves showing no sign of attack from pests.


Here is the first of the okuras – the yellow flower is bright and beautiful. Unfortunately, I’m leaving for the US for the month and won’t be able to taste my okuras this time :(.  Hoping they are still active when I return after a month.

Okuras coming up - yellow flower behind


Here’s an overall view of the patch along the wall.

Veggie patch along wall

In another fortnight, the bitter gourd and cucumber should cover the entire netting and provide a natural shade for a cool summer house within.


Here are the mini tomatoes slowly starting to ripen.

Mini tomatoes


Here are the green peppers – probably the best harvest among all the plants this year until now.

Green papers


The eggplants are doing great too, and have been harvesting some every day. Here is a snap of the eggplants.



Finally, a snap of a welcome visitor to my garden and some flowers below.

Welcome visitor




Have a great week!


First cucumbers and eggplants harvested – July 13 update

Tidings of joy! Veggies growing in full strength.  A couple of overall views first.

Veggies along wall

Cucumber and mini tomatoes have shot up straight and tall! You can see the first cucumber and the yellow flowers in the foreground, with mini tomatoes behind. Zucchini and tomatoes (green yet) also coming up fast.

Veggie patch

The okura plants are finally showing signs of growth. Eggplants doing well, with the first eggplants of the season already making their way to our dinner plates. Fresh and delicious! I am glad I planted them.

The first cucumber!

Here is my first cucumber. Delicious!

My first eggplant (brinjal)

And here are the first eggplants of this season.


And here are the tomatoes – doing great!

Finally, I leave you with a snap of some flowers in my garden.

Mukuge - Rose of Sharon

Mukuge – Rose of Sharon

Until the next post, have a great week!


My first zucchini and cucumber – July 2 update

My first zucchini from a single zucchini plant is up for grabs. I had thought of hand pollinating the flowers, but each time a male flower bloomed, the female one was nowhere in sight. 😦  I let nature take its course, and have my first zucchini – you can see it in all its glory together with insect life!

 My first zucchini!

I also made some changes to my small vegetable patch moving out the two experimental strawberry plants and planting a row of eggplants (called “brinjal” in India). So I have four eggplants of one kind and one given by a friend – they are growing well! Here is a snap taken on the 28th of last month.

Eggplants with Okura behind


Also thrilled to see the first of my cucumbers in the patch along the wall. Seeing cucumber flowers blooming regularly, I expect a fairly good harvest this year.

Cucumber flower and fruit


I removed the horse beans in the last row (I intend planting these through winter to spring when insects don’t flourish), and planted a row of bell peppers in the last row beyond the green peppers.

Bell pepper row behind green peper plants

Here’s an overall view of the cucumber, mini tomato, bitter gourd, zucchini, tomato and eggplants along the wall.

Overall view of patch along wall


Finally, a view of hydrangea from my garden.

Hydrangea in full bloom in my garden

And, if you have just cut a carrot, don’t throw away the stub. Stick it in a small vessel containing some water and see what you get!

Grow carrot leaves in your kitchen!


Until the next post, have a great day!


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