All plants in place for the summer!

I have finally planted all the veggies I wanted to in my garden patch. Here’s a photo showing all the plants in place in my small patch.

Veggie patch with all plants in place

The first row has nearest to the viewer has two strawberry plants (on the left hand side) that I planted for the first time to see how they would shape up. Although planted quite late (in April), they are now bearing fruit. The plant on the extreme left has several fruits in a bunch (about 5 to 6) that should ripen in about 10 days. The next three on the right hand side in the same row are eggplants.



The second row above the row just described contains four Okura plants. This time I used the slender variety called the Okinawa variety of Okura. Last year I did not have much success with the thicker variety. Let’s see how these turn out.

Okura - second row

The third row contains 4 green pepper plants (called shishito in Japanese). I have always had success with these; the only exception was last year when some of them turned out to be extremely hot – they were green chillies rather than sweet green pepper!

Green peper - shishito

I planted horse beans (called sora mame in Japanese) about a month ago. At first they were taken over by small green insects that did not allow the flowers to grow. After using an organic pest repellant, I finally got rid of the insects and the plants have started growing afresh! The first horse beans are already on the stems pointing toward the sky (sora – sky; mame – beans). You can see the horse beans just beyond the green pepper in the photo above.

Also planted plants that will yield large tomatoes in my second patch along the wall. Here is a photo showing the same.

Large tomato plants

More on the progress of these veggies in the next post!

Have a great day!


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