New plants in the Veggie Patch

Today, the sun shone brightly after two days of rain. The ground was soft and was easy to dig and prepare the soil. Here’s a photo of the site dug to a depth of about 0.6 m after de-weeding and removing stones. This site is right under the window. I prepared to accept plants that would grow creep upward on nets.

I have already strung the nets above the window (see other photos) so that they drop down in front of the plants at a slant angle. I added organic fertilizer (two varieties) and neem, mixed them with the soil and filled up the hole.

Patch along wallThe neem is supposed to keep away pests; it is a natural substance and does no harm to the plants. Neem is also an important component of the modern-day toothpaste, I believe. It keeps teeth healthy.

To get rid of weeds growing around the plants, I decided to lay newspapers lengthwise along the dugout. The idea is that weeds under the newspapers are likely to die because of lack of sunlight. Let me see how this works.

Soil prepared and ready for receiving plants

Next, here is a photo showing the dug-out part filled up after mixing soil, fertiilizers and neem. I laid newspapers all all along to prevent weeds from growing.

The next photo shows cucumber, mini-tomato, bitter gourd and zucchini planted in the prepared soil, and the nets in place.

Plants laid in the soil and nets in placeThere’s still place for a few more tomato plants at the end of the row. Photos in the next post.

Have a great day!


1 Response to “New plants in the Veggie Patch”

  1. 1 connie
    December 7, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    I was so impressed with your gardening, I am just starting out with my first veggie patch. I am an devout Neem user. My daughter had severe eczema as a baby, the docs tried to give us cortizol creams. Instead I used neem leaf ,boiled in water. then added the water to her bath. I then used Neem oil for her skin. % years later not a trace of eczema,all gone.

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