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What you can grow in a small vegetable patch

Pictures say a lot more than words! I give you a lot of them in this post to convince you to start a garden on your own. You’ll hear many around you say you need good sunlight and good soil to grow vegetables – don’t you believe it all. I dug up my garden and found it full of stones and cement. I threw out as much as I could, dumped a few bags of black soil mixed with regular soil, and started growing tomatoes and cucumber. You can see the results.

Here’s my small patch measuring about 2 m by 2.5 m (the first photo on the left below). The next one shows 4 varieties of saplings planted in this patch. The next two photos on the left and right show a full grown tomato plant ready for harvest, and cucumber plants that I planted along the side windows climbing up along a slanting net.

The photo with showing a basket of vegetables is a day’s harvest. You pick the vegetables and eat them immediately without storing them in the refrigerator – the taste is wonderful! The last photo shows strawberries that are green and will become ripe when red — I planted just two plants this year to find out whether they would grow and give strawberries, and they did! I just plucked and ate a couple of fairly delicious strawberries from one of the plants two days ago.

This year I started planting early and experimented with vegetables I had never grown before. These included cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberry and horse beans. More about these in the next post.

Happy gardening!

Small patch dug up and prepareFour varieties of veggies planted

Some tomatoes ready for harvestCucumber plants climbing up on nets outside large windowsThis is what I got on a summer\'s dayStrawberries that will turn red and luscious in two weeks time


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